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Our fair city,
arise from your ignorant slumber!
Today, we fight,
for the sake of tomorrow!

Take up your arms,
the rigid stocks our foothold,
the hot lead,
our resolve.

They say Columbia is at its worst.
What do I say?
Columbia's only getting started,
so witness our glorious battle!

Look to the skies, friends,
there's a burning sun above the ground.
We'll torch the opposition,
burn them to ashes!

Grab your hats, Columbia
this will be one for the books.
A poem about the oncoming onslaught in Columbia, commencing with the US August 2nd release of Bioshock Infinite!

Bioshock, Bioshock Infinite and Columbia, along with all other related material, are all copy-rights of 2K Games and subsequent affiliates.
randomeye713 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012
An appropriately phrased poem, it's only flaw is that it doesn't commit to either side in the columbia civil war.
RussianTim Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2012  Student Writer
I liked this. I had the guy from 300 in the back of my head voicing this poem for me and overall it kind of pumped me up. One error I noticed. 4th stanza, 1st line, "Sky's" should be skies.
FlawedPotential Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, thanks for the heads up!
And for the compliment. :D
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February 29, 2012
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